Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms to date, but are you getting the most out of the trending app?

Below are 10 useful tips for musicians to use in order to expand their fan base, increase your followers and gain more traction to your music.

(1) Your Instagram Name: Make sure your Instagram name is clear for what it represents, like your band name for example, people will struggle when trying to find your account if your name has nothing to do with your band. Instagram has such a vast user base meaning the name you want may already be taken, you could add the location to your chosen name of even abbreviation it. Also, you can contact Instagram if you’re having trouble getting the name you require via their Trademark Policy.

Note – Don’t link any personal emails with your band accounts

(2) Setting Up Your Profile: When setting up your profile you are able to add a profile image, a link to your website and a bio. Try to keep these similar to your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, especially your profile image as it will be easier for fans to recognise your account. A lot of users on Instagram access it via the app so make sure your account is regularly updated and is clean and simple so it looks more attractive.

Instagram Logo

(3) Syncing Profiles? Instagram allows users to sync to other social platforms and post content to them via Instagram. You are able to share any photos and videos you put on Instagram onto Facebook which can increase your followers if you have a larger following on Facebook. However, bare in mind if you share every Instagram post to Facebook you may loose followers/traffic from your Instagram account because people can see all of your posts on Facebook.

(4) Your Story/Journey: Instagram is a way for you to update followers about your story/journey through photos and videos which is visually engaging for them. Look into other bands Instagram accounts and see what sort of things they are posting and the reactions they are getting from fans. This can give you some inspiration and guidance as to what to post on your own account.

(5) Edit Your Content: Every Instagram account is different as they target different audiences, make sure you stay up to date with yours. Post regular content and see how followers are reacting to your posts. If you are posting content in the early morning that isn’t getting a lot of feedback/attention push it back a few hours so more people will see it.

Add content that followers can interact with like an up coming project, maybe even ask your followers for ideas. Users like to see what artists they’re interested in are up t. Posting what you’ve been up to that day gives them an insight to this.

(6) Engage With Your Fans: Social media helps to get your message across to fans, but make sure you return likes, follows and comments. Your fan base is likely to continue to grow if you;re regularly connecting with them. A like or comment takes less than a minute for you to reply to, if you’re an emerging or independent artists this is something you can easily do. Dedicate an hour each day to reply to any comments or feedback you may have.

(7) Band Members: If you’re in a band have a discussion about the sort of things you can post. Putting content on your account that describes each member gives your account variety and can also widen the audiences you;re reaching. If you are out of ideas for posts, see what your bands members have that you could use. Also , posts photos and video clips of any performances you’ve done so people get an idea of what you’re like live, this could lead to more gig opportunities.

(8) Use Tags: When upload content to Instagram you can tag the people you with, the clothes you were wearing and the instruments you used. Tagging your photos notifies whomever you’ve tagged in your photos, e.g. Gibson Guitars, this is a guaranteed liked for that photo. Hashtags also increases the views you’ll get on your photos so add them to your posts. If someone is searching  #Music and you’ve included that tag in your post, they’ll be able to see it and could potentially like, or even follow, your account.

(Photo – Pexels)