If you’re an independent artist, working from home can be ideal. It can be even better if you can make some money on the side while doing it. Below are a list of ways artists can make money from home, and they aren’t too strenuous either.

Jingles: Jingles can be great to make money, especially now that you can record them at home in a small studio instead of having to rent one. Of course you have to have been given a job in order to do a jingle  in the first place, but once that has happened you can do your job from your sofa. The times you are out and about, get in contact and meet with producers and supervisors within the music industry to increase your chances of jobs like these.

Writing a jingle can be the most difficult part but once you’ve done one or two you begin to get the hang of it. Take a look at adverts online to see what sponsors and advertisement agencies are looking for and see if you can come up with something unique and original. Do some research into companies that look for and accept jingles and send them some of your material. Remember, when you’re looking on website for jobs don’t be subjected into paying in order to apply. You should be receiving money for the work you;re doing not paying out for it.

Teach Others: If you’re a budding musician why not earn money from your talent? Advertise music or singing lessons online and earn money for teaching others. Teaching others is a great, and easy, way to make money because you don’t have to learn what to teach them as you’re already gifted in it! Students can come to your home or you could give lessons over things like Skype, see what works best for you and them.

Advertise your lessons on things like Facebook and Yahoo groups so you know people are guaranteed to see them. Let people know a bit about you, like the music you’re into and how long you’ve been playing your instrument/singing. People are more likely to opt into lessons with you if they know a bit of your background history. You could also do a free 20/30 minute session for people to get a feel of what it would be like if they started paying for the lessons.

Rent Your Equipment: 

If you haven’t got any gigs coming up and want to make some easy money while you’re sat at home, rent out your equipment. Independent bands on tour are always in need of spare equipment for a show or two, rent out yours per hour or per show to artists/bands in your area.

Sites like Sparkplug allow musicians, in the US, to advertise their equipment for free in a secure and safe way. You can also advertise your equipment to rent on sites like Facebook, add pictures so people can see what they’ll be renting. Also check out potential candidates that may rent your equitment before you let them, just to be sure they’re genuine.

Note: Take a look here at out tips on sharing & renting music equipment.

Invest in Your Career: 

If you’re staying in, make the most of your time and focus on your music career. Upload new videos to your YouTube channel and interact with your fans on social media platforms, write songs and other new material that you will use in the future.

Musicians/artists don’t have to always be on stage in order to be ‘working’, you can get a lot of work done from home if you invest time into it. Get in contact with promoters and booking agents to set up future gigs and then promote those gigs online.

Voice Overs: If you’ve got a small home studio, why not put it to good use while you’re not recording any new songs? Look for voice over jobs in which you can earn a nice paycheque from. If you’re a singer/vocalist chances are you already have a good voice and control over your vocals, which is key when reading aloud.

The great thing is not only can you now record an audition tape but you can record the final project all from the comfort of you home. Fees from doing voice overs can fluctuate but if you’ve worked with a particular production company the chances are they will continue to use you on other projects, plus you gain experience and make connections.

(Photo – Pixabay)