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Below you will find various versions of The Music Site company brand logo, icons and promotional artworks. All imagery is free to use when mentioning The Music Site.

Images can be downloaded individually as .png files by right clicking the desired image then clicking ‘Save image as…’.

If you want to download all the various images for each set in their full sizes (accompanied by raw the files), you can do so via the coloured download links located below each of the main section titles. These links will download as a compressed zip file.

Social Icons

(Download all Icons in various sizes as zip file)

Add these icons beside your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. social icons on your blog, official website, EPKs, Flyers and more.

To download an individual icon, click the icon to view in full then right click and ‘Save Image As…’

Square Icons

Rounded Icons

The Music Site Logo Downloads

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To download an individual logo, click the logo to view in full then right click and ‘Save Image As…’

The Music Site Logo (Main)

The Music Site Logo (No Slogan)

The Music Site Logo (Featured)

Music News Logo

Music Tools Logo

The Music Site Logo (Portrait)

Artwork & Imagery

(Download all Artwork in full as zip file)

To download individual artwork, click the image to view in full then right click and ‘Save Image As…’

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Join us and be part of our journey from the beginning.


We created a 360 music platform that supported a fair and transparent 'musiconomy' for the benefit of every musician, creative and music fan.

Unfortunately, without the essential investment necessary to take the project forward, we decided to close the doors.

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The Music Site Crowdfund

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